Map & Directions

Home Salon Location:

Block 304B
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MRT Station: Sengkang
Station: Renjong
Note: Renjong LRT is on the West Loop, one station away from Sengkang LRT.


From Sengkang MRT to Renjong LRT - (See pix below)
  1. LRT station is located on level 3.
  2. Turn left when you reach the top of the escalator - Platform 1
  3. You are on the correct side of the platform if you are next to the LIFT.
  4. Look for LED display in RED when train arrives - *RENJONG*
  5. DO NOT BOARD if the LED display is YELLOW
 From Renjong LRT to Blk 304B - (See Map below)
  1. Turn to your right upon exit from station (Exit B).
  2. Go down to the ground level.
  3. Walk towards the bus-stop direction (Do not use the stairs near the coffee shop, carry on walking until you see the bus-stop).
  4. After you past the bus-stop...
  5. Continue walking for about 2-3 mins until you reached a short flight of stairs on your right.
  6. Walk up the stairs, cross the road & walk towards the block of flats (Blk304A).
  7. Keep walking towards Blk304B.
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